Seeking FBO acquisition candidates.
With committed capital and deep industry experience in general aviation services transactions, we can move quickly and discreetly with minimum disruption of day to day operations.
FBO Management
Through Volo Aviation, proper and efficient management of personnel, client relationships, technology, quality control, safety, plus public relations are handled for the FBO to ensure its success.
GSE Repair & Support
Our ability to hire Master Professional Mechanics help you focus on your job: Providing expert service to your customer’s aircraft. Let us provide the expert service to your valued assets.
Airport Infrastructure & Property
From mobile and wireless services in the terminal, to the tenants’ voice and data connections, we provide more opportunities to increase your bottom line.

Hangar Space Available

Skyport Holdings has hangar space available at several several locations.  Please email

Skpyport Holdings has several employment opportunities

  • Line service
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Accounting
  • GSE Mechanic