Our Team

    Raj Tala


    Mr. Tala was born in India January 4, 1968 but was raised in the United States. He went to Kolbe Cathedral High School, Bridgeport, CT. Upon graduation he entered Sacred Heart University and then a year later transferred to the University of Bridgeport from where he graduated in 1989. He interned at U.S. Surgical while he was in college and continued to work there after he graduated.

    Raj ventured into the business industry in 1991 when he purchased his first business, a convenience store, in Bridgeport, CT. Soon after he negotiated a lease and opened up a convenience store in Milford in 1994. He built that business up and sold it, at a profit, in 1998. The money from that business was then invested into another convenience store in Fairfield. In 2001 Raj opened up a deli/market in New Haven that was also sold at a profit in 2008.

    Taking advantage of the opportunities that arose in Connecticut within the retail gas station business, Raj was able to purchase eight separate retail Gas Stations from July 1999 to October 2004. The combined retail gas businesses in 2012 grossed well over $55,000,000.00. All owned and managed under the Tala portfolio with oversight by Raj.

    Once again using the profits from these very profitable established businesses Raj was able to expand and diversify his holdings to additional Commercial rental properties and shopping areas which were purchased in Connecticut between 2005-2010 with additional investments totaling of over $4,000,000.00.

    Raj’s core principle discipline of utilizing returned portfolio profits for new investments has played a vital role in his success. With very limited need for institutional financing Raj has positioned his portfolio for continued success in the future.

    Raj will continue to diversify his portfolio with much of his future investment interest focused within the Aviation and Commercial real estate space.

    Raj is supported by a number of real estate and financial professionals including the Midfield Corporation, and Nyden Corp who provide key support within Raj’s overall portfolio investments and businesses.

    Brian Ciambra

    President & CEO

    Brian has over 22 years of aviation experience. Half of Brian’s experience has been with the aviation leader in aviation services, Signature Flight Support. Within Signature he held the position of Regional General Manager of White Plains NY, Morristown NJ and LaGuardia, NY airports. Brian preaches a strong commitment to customer service, values and safety.

    He possesses a strong knowledge in the M&A and Executive management of running assets. Brian’s most recent positions over the past 10 years have focused on the M&A and as well as the management of FBO and airport assets. At Skyport Flight Services, Brian was the Managing Director reporting directly to the Board of Directors. He and the investors of Skyport acquired a small underutilized FBO in Westchester County airport NY in 2004. The acquired companies financials where greatly underperforming and within 18 months they where able to significantly turn them around increasing the EBITDA performance from $500,000 to $2,200,000.

    In late 2006, he began an FBO venture with Volo Aviation and Merrill Lynch. Merrill Lynch’s commitment was for up to $250MM. (Brian and the M&A Group spent approximately $90M). Over the next several years Brian has spearheaded the design of a new FBO chain (Volo Aviation). He lead every aspect of the acquisitions process as well as the development of the infrastructure from the ground up. Volo Aviation is the only new chain to be developed and branded in the past 6 years.

    Brian managed the assets for Merrill Lynch and ran the entire FBO business line for Volo Aviation. During the peak with Merrill Lynch they operated and owned seven FBO’s under Brian’s direction.

    Brian assisted in Merrill Lynch’s divestiture of the assets and the deal was closed in December of 2010. Brian currently still serves as Senior Vice President/Managing Director of FBO Operations for Volo Aviation currently overseeing 5 locations throughout the East Coast.

    In early 2013, Brian partnered with Mr. Raj Tala to form Skyport Holdings an FBO Holdings venture pursuing FBO’s within the secondary markets. In March of 2013 Brian and Raj acquired their first FBO location in Harrisburg, PA. Brian serves as the President & CEO of Skyport Holdings.

    Brian currently serves on three industry committee’s with NATA, NBAA and IFBOA. Brian resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut with his wife Jackie and three children.

    Email: bciambra@skyportholdings.com

    Lynelle Roth


    Lynelle has been in the aviation industry for over 10 years. Her knowledge of the Capital City Airport in Harrisburg, PA has been Invaluable since Skyport Holdings and Volo Aviation took over.

    Her analytical mind and attention to detail make her the perfect overseer of the day-to-day accounting operations for Skyport Holdings Harrisburg LLC.

    Lynelle is responsible for the training and oversight of all Total FBO (TFBO) accounting software training within Skyport and Volo. TFBO is the lifeblood of any FBO operation. With Lynelle’s knowledge of it’s application every operation we acquire is streamlined and accounted for using a standardized approach.

    Ms. Roth also has a strong background in administrative support and superior customer service skills with personal innovations that have increased traffic at our Harrisburg and satellite locations.

    Lynelle is also a partner in a test proctoring business, a consultant with Mary Kay, and an independent test proctor for large equipment operators. She lives in the Harrisburg area and spends most of her free time with family and friends and loves to head to the beach as often as possible.

    Email: lroth@skyportholdings.com